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Report of the activity:


Hello everyone! Please take note of the change of room!

We want to talk about how researchers show and visualize bioinformatic data to make results understandable and meaningful.We want to give tips and help to the assistants to make them improve they everyday usage of the most advanced visualization frameworks.


During BUB#2, we are going to learn how to use infographics and design to integrate a variety of information and illustrate ideas effectively. We’ll understand how the grammar of graphics can help us asking the right questions to explore our data and we’ll find out how to ensure a balance between aesthetic form and functionality in graphical representations. Finally, we’ll put all these concepts into practice in a hands on session; you’re encouraged to bring along your own data and share your data visualization problems/nightmares with us!

The activity is open to everybody, not just bioinformaticians. No laptop needed, just hands to paint!

BUB#2 speakers:

Jaime Serra, infographics director at La Vanguardia | @ja_serra.

Xavi Gimenez, freelance interactive developer and multimedia engineer at Siris Academic | @xavigimenez.

Oscar Reina, Senior Research Officer in Bioinformatics at IRB | @singlecoated.

Xavi Blanch, digital strategist and production manager at Season | @xavi_b.

Date: March 14, from 18h to 20:30h.  

Place: Sala Ramon y Cajal, Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB).

UPF Campus de la Ciutadella, room 24.s19 | Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27, Barcelona.


Dear all, 

We have doubled the expected number of participants. We have opened a waiting list and we promise we will contact you in case we can offer you a place! Please find below the form. 

Many thanks for your interest!



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