Summer workbook!


Quick information:

  • 26th July at 17:30.
  • PRBB (Sala Ramón y Cajal).


From Barcelona Unseminars in Bioinformatics we would like to announce the arrival of the 3rd Unseminar, just before the summer holidays!

We know that summer is time to relax from the day-to-day work, but it is also a great moment to catch-up with pending tasks and learn new things! Have you ever wanted to learn new things by your own (learn new programming languages or improve your R skills, for instance)? Have you tried but you lack the time, the material or even the motivation to do so?

If you want to start the holidays with lots of new ideas and motivation, join us the next 26th of July in the PRBB (Sala Ramón y Cajal) at 17.30h for the BUB #3: Summer Workbook.

After our initial briefing, we are to be introduced to self-learning techniques by Imer Muhovic, bioengineer and software tester in SINGEK project in aScidea. Later we are to apply this techniques in our interests to develop a learning project, based on Problem Based Learning (PBL).

For arranging and helping you to structure the working groups, we invite you to fill the following google form:

Attach here is the board with all the information that it’s needed for attending the Unseminar.

Please, spread the word!


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